Quality Control

ONation Corporation is actively engaged in providing constant quality work to customers in Japan, Taiwan, European, and US customers. The level of quality in all our commitments is our most important competitive mean and will give us satisfied customers in the industrial, specialized, and customized LCD market. We always strive to deliver faultless, functional, user-friendly and environmental adapted products to fulfill expectations and requirements.

ONation had completed a complete management system with the three certifications: The business management system is certified according to ISO 9001. The environmental work includes meeting the global regulations in the use of hazardous substances as well as the environmental certification ISO 14001. The quality management system is based on ISO/TS16949.

2007.05.02 / ISO 9001:2008 / CNS 12681 Certified
2011.03.25 / ISO 14001:2004 Certified
2012.12.06 / ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified